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Ever since I was born in 1955 I held a pencil in my hand. It was evident that I would go to the Royal Art Academy in The Hague to become an artist. But nobody warned me that this meant a life of praises and poverty.

From my earliest exhibitions on I showed theme-series.

During extended travels through Middle America I made a series about the MAYA ICONOGRAPHY of which I am still very proud.

On the other hand I was fascinated by MOVIES and SHOWBIZ and created a series including Liza Minnelli, Eartha Kitt, Milva, Quentin Crisp and also several portraits of the notorious Dutch style icon Mathilde Willink, later shown in a tv-documentary.

After the romance of poverty wore off -there is a time to be artistic and a time to be realistic (Burt Reynolds)- I started doing L ILLUSTRATING WORK. Hard, but rewarding work. During these few years I learned more about painting and printing then in all the previous academy years.

In 1995 I decided to return into the art world with a collection of the PLAYFUL EROTICISM, a major theme in my work. It was an immediate success at the 1998 GayGames. That same year I won First Prize Public Award during the Jesus Mystery Exhibition.

The appeal of my BODYSCAPES lies in the fact that I leave something to the imagination of the viewer. Everybody has his own beauty-ideal and I think it is the right, if not the obligation, of an artist to exploit his. But with discovering Caravaggio I became more and more interested in dramatic paintings, which turned into my MYTHOLOGY Series.

At that time the INTERNET came along and through my website: I became able to show my work world wide. Suddenly people from Alaska to New York to Curacao purchased my work.

In 2004 I portrayed five DUTCH THEATER PERSONALITIES. I felt honored when these celebrities were pleased to cooperate. As a follow-up I started painting SELF-PORTRAITS.

Since 2013 I became seriously interested in other disciplines: Film and Music and I started creating SOUNDSCAPES to accompany my work.

My spending more and more time in nature resulted in 2016 in  my first WATERSCAPE.

In november 2014 a collection of my best works was published in the book THE ART OF MAURICE HEERDINK.

-Maurice Heerdink-

Maurice gives lectures for adults and art-classes.

He lives in near The Hague, a big city on the North Sea Coast next to Scheveningen.